Cumberland Country Golf Club Darug Country

Artist Impression - 9th hole towards Clubhouse and Retirement Village

Innovation with an eye to the future

Pariter’s proposal for Cumberland Country Golf Club will include a new clubhouse with well-considered connections between the golf course and the seniors living that will form part of the overall development. The development will provide alternative revenue streams that will see the Club maintain its independence and continue to thrive well into the future.

Design & Development

  • A new clubhouse and golf facilities
  • Function room
  • Independent Living Units
  • Wellness centre for residents and club members
  • Higher seniors care
  • Reconfiguration of current 18-hole golf course
  • Secure parking for residents, separate from the golfing and function spaces
  • Latest technology in village operation and resident health and safety

Environmental Initiatives

  • Solar power
  • Electric vehicle recharging stations
  • Shuttle bus
  • Preservation of green spaces
  • Planting of additional trees
  • Communal and vegetable gardens

Project Status

A Development Agreement with Cumberland Country Golf Club was signed in late-June 2023.

Lodgement of the State Significant Development Application is now being prepared, which includes a detailed design proposal and participation in State Design Review Panel meetings with the Government Architect of NSW.

Artist Impression - Clubhouse view from Car Park

Artist Impression - Clubhouse rear view from 9th Hole